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REDAN, that serves the global audience. It is beginner-friendly and offer great speed, a digital asset platform. Founded in September of 2018 is a digital currency wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with new digital currencies like bit coin, ethereum.We are based in Indonesia.

At REDAN, we are firm believers in the innovative power of crypto currencies, digitized assets and block chain technology. Our mission is to tear down the barriers to bring unique platform in crypto field. It is a global exchange that is idle for everyone and has the highest technology revolutionizing capital markets, enabling the market to tokenize, trade digital assets and listing a token through block chain technology.

To get started with REDAN, you need to register using email ID and the process is quite simple & fast. It is one of the few exchanges that offers mobile app for iOS and Android.

Redan is another easy and hassle free crypto currency exchange. Redan offers much popular and unique coin such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bit coin cash, Redan coin, Dash coin and Lite Coin.

We provide a high quality customer experience through our platform with an innovative self service, confidentiality, governance, and required processing power where our users are able to give us a regular feedback. So invest with minimum and draw the maximum benefits from REDAN Exchange.


This vision paper has been prepared by is an Indonesia registered company for use by purchasers to whom is offering the opportunity to purchase redan tokens.

This vision paper is exclusively intended to interested parties in the best.

Eliminates Fraud Cases
Advanced security & interface
No centralization
Instant Settling & trading
Variable and transparent fees
Smart contract order-books

Redan determined to push the crypto forward to get access by all

Our team members are not only great at what they do but are equally passionate about turning our mission into reality.