LIT $177.80 - 1.81%

BTC $11.039232 - 1.81%

RDAN $179.80 - 1.81%

DAS $769.22 - 1.81%


The price of one REDAN token on pre-ICO stage is $0.01.
No minimum investment has been fixed yet.
REDAN Project is not creating a new blockchain. Instead it brings out the best of promising features of Etherium platform, and apply them to solving the real life problem on global scale. The project ultimate dream is that, using track records and reputations transparently recorded on blockchain, along with voting power granted, anyone in the Crypto exchange ecosystem, fans, stars, professionals, and investors alike, has a chance to create stars! Planned use cases of the project include, but, not limited to:A base currency in REDAN Online and in the ecosystem built by the project Buy and sell Cryptocurrency Tranparent Trading systemsPeer-peer matching systems
The project has both crowd funding and crowd sale elements.
The project offers a solid business case and token economics model that the crypto exchanges are looking for. In parallel to ICO process, we will start dialogue with major exchanges so that our token shall be listed soonest possible post the completion of ICO.
The REDAN exchange platform patches up key issues that are common amongest other platforms occupying the crypto-sphere. Most notably: - low fees imposed on new coin or token listings.- Lowest trading fees in the market.- Exceptional transaction speed and scalability through the use of new technologies.- Our own blockchain capable of providing over 100,000 transactions per second.- Instant ERC20 token integrations.- Listing of non-ERC20 blockchains. Such as Electroneum and Skycoin.- BTC, ETH, LTC, REDAN and fiat pairings- Audited by one of the Big Accounting firms.
Yes. The development of iOS and Android applications have already been started. Expected to by released by Q3 2019.
We require all projects to be backed by their respective communities via a voting process. Once a submission reaches 1000 votes our team will evaluate the possibility of listing on our platform (no fees imposed). Once a submission becomes labeled as we will provide respective teams with the necessary details for integration on our platform.
No airdrops are planned nor active.